Miracle Twister's Inspiring Story

The fact that this little fellow is alive truly is a MIRACLE! We decided to donate his dam, Athena, after years of failed attempts for her to have a foal. We finally used her to teach our junior stallion some manners. They were pastured together for two years. Since no foal was born, we decided to donate her in May, 2006 to Beth's The Soaring Eagles Ministries in Simonton, TX where Athena could live out her years helping children in crisis. Little did we know she was pregnant! In September, a foal was born. A little pre-mature, he was too weak to suckle, the vet treated him and then he and Athena were taken to Texas A&M for 24 hour observation and feeding until he gained strength. At the time of his birth, the vet inspected the placenta and stated that it was a miracle that Athena was able to carry Twister to nearly full term because the placenta showed signs of numerous abscesses. Two days later he and his Mom were brought home and he flourished. Because of the tornado shape of his star, Beth named him "Miracle Twister".

But that is not the end of the miracle story for little Twister. Several months later, Beth told us the following,

"About two weeks before Christmas, Miracle Twister caught a respiratory infection. He got very sick VERY fast. Secondary to the infection, he coliced. The colic happened during a lesson (it was absolutely horrible), so, I was rushing around from place to place. I sent Chad, my 14 year old, out to stay with Twister while I went in to call the vet and, while Chad was with him, he prayed over him. Chad got him up and walking around, but, it still didn't look good. I had the vet come out of course and she gave him less than 10% chance of surviving the night. But, Chad told me that God told him that Twister wasn't going to die and that we shouldn't put him down. We went with the 10% and did a lot of praying. The vet put a tube in him (there was some sort of impaction or twisted intestines) and gave him electrolytes along with some shots for me to give him if it got worse during the night. My vet came out every day for at least a week or more to give him two different antibiotic shots and small amounts of banamine and to check on him and I was giving him pedialyte every hour. After that, I gave him antibiotics twice a day for about a week. He was really in bad shape, grinding teeth, etc. But, he refused to give up and every day he got a little bit stronger. He is definitely a fighter. The miracle is that he not only survived once, but, twice and is strong and healthy.

"You see, Miracle has a testimony. A testimony of perseverance, overcoming a bad beginning, and healing. All the children love him. The ministry is growing. I'm working with more than 40 children, most of which are living with foster families. Seeing Twister overcoming all these obstacles and a difficult beginning is a testimony for these children and what I believe is his calling."