Custom Leather Art

The leather medium appeals to three of the five senses - sight, touch and smell. Being a horsewoman, Bev has always loved the fragrance and feel of leather! She occasionally produces custom paintings and useful items. Since each is individually hand tooled and painted, no two are exactly alike.

Below are samples of her work along with approximate costs for each. Contact us for an estimate on a custom leather art piece.

An ' * ' after the title indicates that the piece was entered in competition.

Sample Works:

Title: Tribute to America *
Size: ˜11" x 14"
Approximate Price: $280
Additional Information:
  • Best of Show - Beginner - Ozark Empire Fair
  • 1st - Beginner Picture - Ozark Empire Fair
  • 2nd - Mixed Media - Newton County Fair
  • 2nd - Leatherwork - NW Arkansas District Fair

Item: Bookmark *
Size: 2" x 8"
Approximate Price: $19
Additional Information:
  • 1st - Bookmarks - Newton County Fair
  • 1st - Decorated Items - NW Arkansas District Fair