Reference Sires



AHA #25672
*Witez II Preservation Stallion, 37.5%
Yatez x Trideza

Owned by
Ayres Acres
Cody, Wyoming

Tryez won ribbons in Park, English and Western Pleasure, Halter, Open English Pleasure and Open Hunter Hack in the hands of a novice amateur. He was the foundation of Ayres Acres' program of breeding horses with exceptional athletic ability and unusually tractable dispositions. Quotes from the past:

General Jonathan Burton: "That's the damnedest 5-year-old I ever saw."

Wayne Glenny, Canadian Mounted Police, Musical Ride Troup: "He has more natural balance and athletic ability than any horse I've ever ridden."

Earl Laird, DVM, Little Rock, AR: "He's one helluva horse."